College Campus ministry currently based on Rutgers University

A-Life Vision: To influence the collegiate community by presenting mature disciples of Jesus Christ.

A-Life Mission: To engage every college student in building faith, restoring the lost, articulating the gospel, and becoming connected to our home church.

Awareness 3/12/13

Pastor George Searight 

Scriptures:  Matt 16:23, Phil 2:5-7

- Continue to fight for your awareness of who God is 

- You become aware of the natural

- What does it mean to be aware, mindful?

- It is constantly asking what is He doing

- We lose awareness by answering the question what God is doing

- Why are we not mindful?

- God, what are you up to in this?

- What are you trying to teach me in this?

- We live in an age where we wonder whats in it for us

- Whats going to be done for us

- We lose our awareness quickly because God doesn’t perform in the way we want

- Faith is a tool we use to do what God wants us to do 

- When we’re not aware, you tend to see thing carnally 

- When we lose our awareness we cause others to stumble 

- When we’re not aware we miss out on the big picture 

- We only focus on what we ca see 

- We miss out on the plan God has for our lives

  1. How do we stay aware? 

-  By continually emptying yourself 

- By prayer, meditation, spending time with God 

- We become more aware by emptying ourselves so that God can fill us back up 

The Secret Stuff 3/5/13 

Isaiah Tate 

Scriptures: Acts 2:4, 1 Thess. 5:16-19, James 1:2-8 

- God gave us the Holy Spirit to be our guide 

- Quench means to extinguish 

- The secret stuff are the things we desire more than God 

- We often look to lust, money 

- Lust isn’t just sexual, it can be the lust to be liked or famous

- We often get prideful and think we’re high and mighty 

- What are the consequences of quenching the Holy Spirit?

  1. We begin to think carnally 
  2. We doubt who we are
  3. We become ineffective for the Kingdom

- Its not the secret stuff that brings you to the moment 

- It was the Light, the inner man within us 

- How do we not quench the Spirit?

  1. We rejoice always
  2. We have to pray without ceasing 
  3. We have to give thanks in everything 
  4. We have to preserve in the hard times 

Red: Satisfied 2/26/13

Pastor George Searight Jr

The Wrath of God Read - Gen 6:1-14

Here we see the Wrath of God for the first time.

-If God cant lie…then how can He be a Just (a righteous Judge), holy (pure, perfect), righteous (being in right standings) and in relationship with me?

-There is not way you can be both Just, holy, righteous, and be filled with Grace, Mercy, Love?

-If he is just, holy, and righteous then how can we be in relationship with him.  We are born in sin and shaped in iniquity.  We are unholy, unfaithful, unjust people.

- It does not make sense for a Holy God to have relationship with unholy people.  He gets nothing from having relationship with us. I mean he is God and the creator of all.

- We aren’t being just, holy or righteous; we must experience the wrath of God

- To restore the relationship back together there had to be a sacrifice by blood

- Jesus became the greatest sacrifice of all

- Jesus be sin

- We’re not sin, we’re sinners we take sin and use it

- Jesus had to satisfy the wrath of God

BECAUSE God is Satisfied:

-We can come to the thrown of Grace with boldness; it says it in His Word

-We have eternal life


-Set apart for His use.

- We sometime forget about the blood of Jesus

- Jesus become our High Priest

- He was all human, yet all divine

- He was tempted in all ways but never fell because His divine spirit was always active

- We become more like Him and sin less by making the sacrifices He made

His blood still works and it still cleanses

We have access to the Father

The enemy always tries to make us feel like we aren’t worthy

So Red represents everything for us.



Eternal Life



Why? A-Life 2/19/13

Shawn Tucker 

Scriptures: Ecc 1:8, Phil 2:12, Gen 8:20-21, Luke 22:39-41

Why is to gather information 

Who, what, when, where and why

Why is the anchor of the five “W’s”

We are designed to investigate 

We’re not satisfied, that’s the heart of us 

As we get older we begin to fall back on expressing our curiosity outwardly 

We do this by: 

  1. We can find ourselves hiding behind usernames on social media and message boards

- We start to care what people think 

- We start to rely on people 

     2. Completely retracting and failing to want to investigate/research 

- If we don’t like what we see, we tend to fall back 

- We work out own salvation 

It has been consistent walk 

Why Headphones?

What makes hearing from God so difficult?

  1.  Fail to create the environment 

- The right environment sets the tone 

- it allows for an invitation 

- Without setting the tone you’ll lose the relationship 

God was pleased with Noah for setting that altar, that environment is important to find our own quiet place to talk out to God 

It becomes who we are 

Who you hang out with effects who you are 

We cant get comfortable in our walk with God 

We have to change it up and not get into routine 

If we are not careful our environment we are creating to connect with God can become old, stale or stagnant for where the Lord wants to take us 


A.Life Campus Ministry’s 2013 Retreat

A.Life Campus Ministry’s 2013 Retreat

 Theme: Deepening Relationships


Leaving on Thursday evening, April 25th, Returning on Sunday morning, April 28th



Young Life Lake Champion Camp

247 Mohican Lake Rd.

Glen Spey, NY 12737



$175, includes registration, meals, and transportation (note that all monies are nonrefundable).

                Please make all checks payable to ALFWC.          

Registration forms and final payments due no later than April 9, 2013.



Bus: April 25th - Meet at 8:00pm @ ALFWC, 259 George Street for the Bus ride to Young Life Lake ChampionCamp.

April 28th – We’ll be returning at approximately 10:00am to ALFWC for 11am service.

*Note times are subject to change*


Who can register?

High school seniors, college students, or young adults ages 18 – 30 years old


Where to register?

Sundays at ALFWC after 8am & 11am services

Tuesdays after A.Life bible study/fellowship


If you have any questions, contact:

Danira Smith


Tough Calling A-Life 2/12/13

Pastor George Searight Jr

Scripture: Jeremiah 20:7-9, Lam 3:22-27, Acts 20:17-24,

God’s calling us but it doesn’t line up with what we want

Jeremiah was doing God’s will but suffering through hard times

Suffering may cause us to give up things such as money, status, comforts, and positions

Suffering causes us to take the low road

God’s blessings doesn’t always come with stuff, sometimes its His grace & mercy

You don’t make the Good Book without paying a price

3 levels of calling

  1. Acknowledgment

Acknowledge God is calling and answer it

     2. Sustainment

The call of God is being pressed forward, forgetting the things of the past

     3.  Attainment

Focusing what God has put in your heart

Be open about what God wants you to do

Why accept this tough calling?

1) God’s way is perfect, our ways are flawed

2) There is a greater reward waiting for us 

Alife (1.5.2013) Part 3

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